Your life has different parts. Your responsibilities to your family and at work. Your pastimes and passions. The home you visit. The past that’s shaped where you are today and the DREAMS that guide your tomorrow.  


  • I have a wide range of interests, hobbies and courses which I want to pursue
  • I have many personal relationships that matter to me
  • I want my family to benefit from the best health/long term care
  • I have several unfulfilled ambitions
  • I want to leave a lasting legacy
  • I want to help my family financially
  • I expect longevity


  • I have complex financial choices and many options
  • I have a lack of clarity
  • I have high taxes
  • Making my wealth last my lifetime
  • I want to maintain motivation and purpose after the sale of my business/stopping work
  • I don’t want to be a burden in my old age
  • My family would need support to manage wealth when I’m gone
  • I need to prepare heirs for wealth


  • I am keen to delegate to free up my time
  • I am willing and able to take advice
  • I value long term relationships
  • I appreciate that choices are rarely black or white
  • I am prepared to pay reasonable fees for advice and service
  • I have an optimistic outlook
  • I have accumulated significant wealth and/or have high income


  • I understand that high performance isn't achieved in isolation
  • I value having a team of professionals to call on from my bench
  • I know why even the best at their craft have a coach and confidante

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