Scott Douglas


Why I do what I do

As a 15-year-old when at home, I used to listen and talk to my father about the sharemarket which he had a great interest in following. He would explain to me all about the things to look out for and consider when investing in companies which he had done for many years.

Over these years I started buying small parcels and IPO's next to his ones. This gave me great experience in making, losing and understanding why and how markets work.

He then told me I should study accounting, get qualified but don't tell anyone. I later found out his reason was that he believed most people in business weren't good at numbers and needed that background. 

From these beginnings and early foundation I learned how to invest, manage and build wealth. Since a very early age, I was passionate about saving and accumulating investments that could see me generate passive income. I spent most of my spare time learning and practicing how to invest.

Since then, I've had a love and interest for people and helping them learn about building their own self independence. My career, spanning over 20 years now, has been something I love doing every day and can't get enough of it. 

A few things about me


Whilst my day job is around offices and meeting rooms, I spend most of my spare time in the outdoors. I have young boys that are very involved in many activities which has brought me into supporting them. I find myself swimming and patrol Manly beach on weekends. During holidays we're camping, hiking and skiing with the boys. 

I do enjoy most sporting activities including golf but I've never been that good at them. In more recent times, whilst I believe I'm a good swimmer, my 12 year old son is now faster than me in the Ocean swim events ! 

My zest for travel and new adventures saw me live and work as a financial planner in Singapore for 6 years. I had always wanted to work internationally and the experience was amazing. The family lived there with me for this time and learnt many new life experiences. Over these years I was able to help people plan around achieve financial independence in completely different circumstances. Their drivers were ultimately the same and the outcomes were different depending on their focus. 

More recently I've become involved in giving back to the community through local schools, scout and community groups.


  • Fellow of FINSIA (F.Fin) - 2005
  • CPA Financial Planning Specialist (FPS) - 2003
  • Graduate Diploma Financial Planning - 2003
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP) - 2001
  • Certified Chartered Company Secretary (ICCS) - 1997
  • Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) - 1996
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm) UWS - 1992

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