Matt Clayton


Why I do what I do

Looking back at my childhood I can not believe what my parents had achieved on their income levels.

A house in a good area, schooled three children at private school and we didn't miss out on much... holidays, good food etc. My father had a good job and my mother worked part-time. The difference was they made good financial decisions around property which enabled them to fund our lifestyle.

When I looked into the mortgage industry my friends father said to me "this is a skill you will be able to use for the rest of your life" and I was sold...

It wasn't until my entering the industry did I fully appreciate what my parents had achieved. 

I now enjoy helping clients achieve their dreams in and around property. A loan is essentially the vehicle that allows for this and getting it right structurally is the most important piece of the puzzle as it can save you thousands and set you up for the best chance of success.

A few things about me


  • I don't have hobbies, I have passions - Golf, Food, Wine and my Lawn.
  • I like a challenge as things don't normally come easily to me.
  • The word 'Frozen' has taken on a new meaning - two obsessive daughters and Disney have ensured this.
  • I surround myself with strong people, especially women - my wife and mother in particular, not that my father could say anything about that.


  • Industry Accredited Mentor
  • Diploma and Certificate IV in Financial Services
  • Justice of the Peace

Key expertise areas

  • Understanding tax effectiveness around lending 
  • Expat lending
  • Debt rebalancing
  • Debt reduction strategies

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