Vince Dore

Why I do what I do

I am in my fifth decade of being involved in the Financial Service Industry.

To say that I’m a ‘grey hair’ would be simply stating a fact!

When I began my career in a small country bank branch, customers sought out the local bank manager for good honest advice about their finances and their businesses. This person was well regarded and respected in the local community.

Back then we didn’t even have computers to assist with storing client’s records and a recent innovation was a new-fangled service known as a “Bankcard” which was being introduced to add to the passbook and cheque account.

So much has changed – some things obviously are an improvement – however I have noted that for many of today’s financial institutions that the actual understanding of their client’s financial position and what is going on in their personal lives seems to have been neglected at times.

Over all those years and in various roles, including Bank Manager, Stockbroker and Financial Planner, what I have enjoyed most is getting to really know my clients and trying to work out the best way that I can assist them achieve their financial and personal goals.

That client first focus is also what lead to my decision to merge my business with the team at IMFG. Scott, Angus, Dan and the rest of the crew, really do care about their clients. So it’s a bit like going back to that country branch where I began this journey.

A few things about me

Besides being old?

I grew up on a sheep and wheat farm in the Riverina, the eldest of six. I learnt to drive at an early age and was carting grain to the local silos in a ten tonne truck when I was twelve.

My farmer father Ted who is now in his late 80s taught me the value of hard work and that being nice to others was not too hard if you enjoyed sharing a story or two. Dad ended his career, working as a Nurse’s Aide at St Vincent’s Sacred Heart Hospice in Kings Cross. So I have also learnt about adaptability from him.

My wife, Bernadette and I have five children and at last count six grandchildren. We really love our time with these little people who have so much ahead of them.

I enjoy swimming early in the morning all year around at Bondi Icebergs and have travelled enough to realise that we have the most wonderful lifestyle here in Australia.


  • Wealth Creation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Aged Care


  • Diploma of Financial Planning (Financial Planning)

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

  • Finsia Fellow (F Fin)

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