Dan Blatch


Why I do what I do

When I was studying Occupational Therapy I saw many patients who had suffered from serious illnesses or injuries.

One patient I will never forget. He had been involved in a motorbike accident and, amongst other injuries, had suffered third degree burns. He was a young Doctor, with his whole life ahead of him, soon to be married, and aside from my initial reaction of sadness and sympathy, I remember thinking that the financial cost will cripple his (and his family's) future as much as his physical injuries.

It was at that point that I became interested in risk and this notion of 'transferring it'. I decided to pursue a career in insurance and have been passionate about it since. I have a strong view on the importance of a reliable cash flow, and secure asset protection.  

Whilst I've been lucky to date not to have any of my own family suffer from serious illness or injury, I have witnessed the experiences of several friends' accidents or premature deaths - and their financial hardship as a result of their misfortunes.

These experiences motivate and compel me to educate more people about the importance of transferring the financial burden of life's unpredictable risks.

A few things about me


I am lucky to have my own young family with my wonderful wife Sarah and gorgeous little son, Ted.

We are very fortunate to live near a beautiful Sydney beach and enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle with our rather energetic dog, Colin, who keeps us very fit!  Family is incredibly important to me. As one of 5 children scattered around the globe I cherish the limited time I get to spend with my siblings.

I love organising get-togethers and entertaining friends at home, or in a park, or at a pub, or the beach…or anywhere I can get my loved ones together.  And not just my loved ones.  I have always really enjoyed bringing people together.  

I was extremely proud in 2012 to win a Guinness World Record as the founder of "Blatchy's Blues" - the NSW State of Origin rugby league support group, best known for wearing silly blue wigs and t-shirts to the games.  I founded the group in 1999. That year there were 25 of us and over the years it has grown to be the largest supporters group in Australia - with 18,000 people donning the blue wigs in 2014.  Although  we only held the GWR for a year, it was great to know I held the record for something as crazy as "the most people in one stadium wearing a wig".  

I firmly believe we are better as a community than as individuals.  Deep down we all want to feel accepted, connected and "belong" to something bigger than just ourselves.  That's why I love to meet new people, share new experiences and constantly explore opportunities to have an impact in my community - particularly with younger people. 

As a specialist risk insurance adviser I'm an expert in providing advice to individuals and business owners on matters of cash flow and asset protection. Throughout my 12 years in Life Insurance I have provided personal advice, developed market leading products, assisted small to medium enterprises with their risk management needs and, most importantly, managed claims.

I am extremely proud to be able to say that I have managed more than $6M AUD in claims for my clients over the past 12 years. Having worked at large insurers - QBE Group and AXA Australia - my clients now reap significant benefit from my in-house knowledge and broad range of experience in risk analysis. My industry insight provides my clients with peace of mind, knowing their protection needs are managed by a specialist.


  • Asset and cash flow protection
  • Business succession and key man insurance
  • Group insurance
  • Corporate superannuation 
  • Employee benefits


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) 
  • Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
  • Member of the Association of Financial Advisers 
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

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