Life is complex.  You are faced with an increasing amount of choices with less and less time to achieve what you want in life. How much is enough? How do you get there? Who do you trust to help get you there? Once you are there, what next?

We work with clients who want to make smarter financial decisions. We particularly value hearing about your most highly prized dreams. In fact, realising your dreams is what drives us. Together, we will build you a financial house on the solid foundation stones of bedrock. We will then take on the stress of managing your finances, to the extent that you wish, and leave you with the time and confidence to live your dreams.


  • Our Principal Advisers are the business owners; so for us to be successful our clients need to be winners as well.
  • Our service is delivered to you by a team of specialists – we contend that you will achieve a better outcome with the help of a specialist adviser supported by a hand-picked professional network, rather than relying on a generalist financial planner or institution.
  • We only employ specialists of the highest standard.  Our Wealth Specialists are Certified Financial PlannersTM and tertiary qualified.
  • Our Life Risk Specialists pride themselves on securing the most appropriate coverage for your circumstances, and lodging and managing your policy at claim time.
  • Our Lending Specialists focuses on strategies to help you borrow what you should (and not necessarily what the lender will lend); to fast track your pathway to being debt free (not typically what a lender wants); and to upgrade your home in a tax effective manner.
  • Our Investment house view is based on world class academic and evidence based research, and not the latest fad.  Our investment philosophy is anchored in the life’s work of not one but four Nobel Prize winners in Economic Science.
  • We give you the convenience of one vault of information so you do not need to repeat yourself when dealing with the various aspects of your finances.  Furthermore, we co-ordinate the services of necessary professionals, including tax accountants, estate planning solicitors, family lawyers, property lawyers, specialist stockbrokers and career outplacement specialists as needed.

We have these criteria in place for you to feel completely reassured and confident in our service.  In fact, if after 12 months you feel that you are not on the right path your advice is at our cost.

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