Our Story

Everyone has a story. And we would love to hear yours. Here's ours…

Our story begins in the late 1990s and culminates with IMFG being founded in 2011 by four young men, all specialist financial advisers who have spent the past 15 years under the mentorship of business leaders and advisors from the previous generation.  

IMFG grew from Angus, Dan, Matt and Scott's shared passion to help individuals improve their quality of life and peace of mind by making smarter financial decisions. Underpinning IMFG is the belief that you can only fulfil your financial potential by planning it. Life does not always go to plan, but your future potential and success is more likely to be achieved by design and not by default.

The founders appreciated that financial choices can be complex and confusing. How can you make your money grow and last with all of the uncertainty in today's world? Given we are living longer, demanding more out of life, faced with a housing affordability crisis and have unprecedented access to multiple sources of information, these are important questions to ask.  IMFG was established to help provide the answers.

The founders also believe that it makes no sense to build wealth and not to protect it - particularly when others may depend on you. This issue has become increasingly important with the growth in personal philanthropy and legacy planning for society at large.

That's the IMFG story: to provide experienced counsel, perspective and advice.  We derive great satisfaction from helping clients take control of their financial future and seeing how it positively impacts upon their lives and the lives of their family.

We would love to hear your story.

The IMFG Family


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