Our Name

IMFG has grown from the merger of ‘Identity Wealth Advisers’ and ‘McIntyre Financial Advisory’ in 2011 and is the culmination of the shared vision of IMFG’s four founders – Scott Douglas, Matt Clayton, Dan Blatch and Angus Dockrill – to help successful people GROW, LEND, PROTECT and PROVIDE wealth.

Let us be clear.  We are financial boffins. We are not marketers. Originally known as ‘Identity McIntyre Financial Group’ even the four bean counter founders could tell that our name was difficult to spell and hard to remember. Not wanting to discard our corporate history, because we value our heritage and sense of family, we are now simply known as IMFG.  

Identity McIntyre Pty Ltd and its specialist financial advisers Angus Dockrill, Scott Douglas, Dan Blatch, Lisette Walsh and Matthew Bull are authorised representatives of Apogee Financial Planning Limited, Australian Financial Services Licensee Registered Office at: Level 8, 171 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000. These representatives are trading as IMFG.

Lending Corp Pty Ltd and Matt Clayton are authorised credit representatives of Loan Market Pty Ltd, Australian Credit Licence 390222 Registered Office at: Level 26,111 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000. These representatives are trading as IMFG Mortgages

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