Why work with us?

Welcome to IMFG. We are a progressive and leading provider of financial advisory services for professionals and business owners.

Advisors created IMFG for advisors.

Whilst we have recently created our license for our growing advisor network, we recognise that this part of the business is required to be run as a cost-neutral service. The real value of IMFG comes from advisors running small financial planning businesses wishing to take the next step and be part of a more considerable successful practice, providing a business continuity plan in a changing environment.

IMFG provides our self-employed advisor network with:

  • Ownership of your own generated client revenue
  • an opportunity to share in the success of the broader business
  • qualified business generated leads
  • a minimum capital outlay to get started
  • the comfort in knowing the pain and cost of growing your own business is reduced
  • access to professional offices and dedicated workspace in a prestigious area
  • access to full-time professional receptionist support
  • the ability to leverage a successful and growing brand
  • a high performing and supportive environment and great team culture
  • specialised support and training
  • help to increase your referral networks

Which self-employed advisors do we typically work with:

Experience Level: Intermediate

Experience Level: Experienced

Experience Level:

Succession or Continuity Plan

3 to 5 Years

5 Years +

10 Years +

FASEA qualified or intention to be so

All of intermediate plus:

Lifestyle or forced discussion

 Desire and Willingness to grow, open to receiving referrals. Wanting to write more new business.

Still wanting to grow but are reaching or have reached capacity limits

Need to ensure long-standing clients are well looked after

Generally, no debt on their business

Forced to change (licensee or education requirements)

Winding back working days

Seeking assistance with admin & office support

Great advisor but may need support on business support


Ideally, but not essential, using X-plan.

Have a good name in the industry


Good compliance record

Have happy and valued clients


Open to being part of something bigger

Wants to focus more on the client exchange as opposed to the compliance exchange


Want to operate under the banner of as an IMFG 'Adviser/Partner'



Not a stock picker




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